Malvern Wells Parish Council

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The Lower Wyche Spout

The Lower Wyche sites after restoration in late 2007

The Lower Wyche Spout and The Lower Wyche Trough lie on the Old Wyche Road, on the Wells Common hillside above (West of) the Wells Road. Donated by the benefactor Charles Morris in 1840, it is one of three public spouts that he created for the use of local inhabitants in Malvern.

If you go up Old Wyche Road, by the south of the cottages, you will see a large curved Malvern stone retaining wall enclosing the Spout and a grassy area. The water cistern which supplied the Spout with spring water, lies behind the wall. The Spout dried up when the spring water supply to the tank apparently failed, but the supply to the The Lower Wyche Trough, below, still flowed.

This suggested that there was a plumbing problem rather than a failure of the water supply itself.  The Lower Wyche Spout has recently been renovated with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund Malvern Heritage Project, through the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB) and the Malvern Spa Association.  During the renovation, some damaged piping was located and repaired and the water tank cleaned out.   Spring Water now flows from the Spout once First Prize winning Well Dressing “Elgar’s Music”, April 2007 again.  

Both the Spout & the Trough are Well Dressed annually for the Malvern Spa Association’s Well Dressing Festival at the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend.  Both have won many First Prizes and are always highlights of the Festival.   The Trough is usually Well Dressed by children and in 2008 they won the first of The Spa Association’s new Gold Medals.
Gold Medal winning children’s Well Dressing (‘Dr John Wall’) May 2008.