Malvern Wells Parish Council

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Eye Well

Sadly, this ancient and formerly highly renowned healing well is now just an insignificant, small pool of water beside the path on the hills directly above the Holy Well in Malvern Wells.   The Eye Well was famous for healing diseases of the eyes but also for cures of liver, kidney and other ailments as well. As recorded by Bannister in his Breviary of the Eyes (1622) -

"A little more I'll of their curing tell,
How they help sore eyes with a new found well;
Great speech of Malvern Hills was lately reported,
Unto which spring people in troops resorted."

The flow of water from the Eye Well is reported to have been damaged by a workman in the early 19th Century whilst attempting to divert its waters to The Dell in Green Lane, which was at the time the Rectory of Malvern Wells.

The Eye Well is Well Dressed annually for the Well Dressing Festival at May Day Bank Holiday Weekend but may also be found decorated with flowers and votive offerings on the dates of ancient festivals such as the Equinoxes and Midsummer’s Day.