Malvern Wells Parish Council

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The Devil's Well

Devils wellThe Devil's Well lies in Tumuli Valley above Holywell Road, where its crossing under the road is lit by a magnificent example of the Malvern Wells’ Victorian listed gas-lamps. A short walk up the hillside from the lamp post leads you to a small water collection cistern beyond some pig wire and stone gabions. The naming of this site as “Devil’s Well” by two authors & springs’ historians in 1997 aroused some controversy, as long-term residents living nearby reported that they have never heard of it named as "Devil's Well" before.   However, the authors claimed the name derived from its connections with the "Puck's Wood" that surrounds the site. They suggested that the origin of the name ‘Devil's Well’ came from English folk lore, as the ills inflicted by the malevolent fairy (Puck) on his human victims were curable by bathing in a "Devil's Bath". But whatever the provenance of the name, it is now in common use! The Devil’s Well’s water runs down the hillside and through the gardens of houses in the Holywell and the Wells Roads, emerging by the joinery on Wells Road where its ebullient splashes into the drain are controlled by an iron baffle plate screwed to the wall. The Devil’s Well is well-dressed each year for the Malvern Spa Association’s Well Dressing Festival at the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend