Malvern Wells Parish Council

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The Environment Committee

spends the greater part of its time walking and considering the maintenance of Public Rights of Way within the parish but excluding all land under the Management of the Malvern Hills Conservators.

The Parish Council is very fortunate in that there is a small but very active group of volunteers, who regularly walk the paths, undertake very basic maintenance, monitor the local wildlife, flora and fauna and report back on matters which require further attention.

Additionally, the Committee has written and produced walks and contributed substantially to the ‘Malvern Wells Footpaths’ leaflets produced by WCC.

Current members of the Committee are:

 Steve Atwell ,Peter Clement,  Pam Stanier, Richard Winterton, Norman Nimmo- Smith and Jackie Smethursts

Norman Nimmo Smith is the designated Parish Warden. See the following link for the latest minutes of the Committee

Information on Walking in the area

Council and Committee meetings